Safety on the roads

Improving our road safety is about more than just driver behaviour. It's about creating safer drivers, in safer cars, on safer roads, travelling at safer speeds.

We work to make a difference in each of these areas to help reduce the number of people needlessly killed and hurt on our roads.

Decade of Action

Learn how New Zealand government agencies and the AA are contributing to the Decade of Action for Road Safety which aims to save millions of lives worldwide.

Safer drivers

The AA works to help inform all drivers about how to keep themselves and other road users safe, reducing the number of injuries and fatalities on our roads.

Safer vehicles

The average age of a New Zealand car is currently 13 years old. The AA believes getting more people into safer vehicles will significantly improve our safety.

Safer roads

The design and safety features of a road can play a critical role in a crash. The AA wants to ensure roads are designed for their purpose & traffic volumes.

Safer speeds

Travelling at safe speeds for the conditions is one of the key elements for road safety. The AA supports appropriate, consistent and clear speed limits.

How New Zealand compares on road safety

New Zealand’s road safety record has been steadily improving for decades but we still lag behind many other developed countries.

The safe system approach

The New Zealand Government’s 2010-2020 road safety strategy, titled Safer Journeys, is based on a safe system approach that is supported by the AA.

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