Airbag recalls October 2016 - Manufacturer contact details

To check to see if your car is impacted by the Takata airbag recall, the AA recommends you visit the NZTA wesbite for further information. 

If you find that your vehicle is affected by the recall, use the details below to contact the manufacturer. 


Manufacturer Email/Phone/Online contact Website
Mitsubishi Phone 0800 545 532 or visit
Nissan or visit
Honda Phone 0800 246 632 or email
Toyota Phone 0800 869 682 or email   
Lexus Email or contact 


Hyundai Phone 0800 498 632
Subaru Phone 0800 782 278
Chrysler / Jeep or Dealer Locate: 
Mercedes-Benz Email or contact  
BMW Phone 0800 639 269, email or contact  
Mazda Phone 0800 800 626 


If you have concerns or trouble contacting your manufacturer, please call AA Motoring Advice on 0800 500 333 and select option 2 to speak to one of our motoring advisors. 

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