Individual IRD Number applications

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How to apply for an IRD number

You can apply in-person at an AA Driver Licensing Agent. You can fill out the application form and bring the required documents to your local agent. Our staff will submit your application to Inland Revenue. The AA has close to 100 licensing agents around New Zealand.

You can apply online through the Inland Revenue website. Please note that you will still need to come to an AA Driver Licensing Agent with the required identification documents to have them verified within 60 days of your online application.

For online applications, downloading application forms, and more information please follow the links below to the Inland Revenue website.

Applications for people living in New Zealand

Applications for new arrivals to New Zealand

 Find AA Licensing Agent

IRD numbers for babies or children

You can apply for a child’s IRD number in person at an AA Driver Licensing Agent or online. As with all online applications, you will need to come to an AA Driver Licensing Agent to have your documents verified within 60 days of your online application. 

Applications for children and babies require ID for both the child and the parent/guardian. Please make sure to read the full list of documents and steps required for your child's IRD number application. 

IRD Number applications at the AA

Lost IRD number

If you already have an IRD number but you have lost or forgotten it, please contact Inland Revenue directly to have your number confirmed and resent to you.