The AA is governed by a National Council, Board and 18 District Councils.

Each District Council elects one representative to the AA’s National Council, which is the paramount governing body of the Association. The National Council meets quarterly to consider matters of national policy and to receive reports from the Board and Chief Executive. The National Council has delegated authority over the AA’s commercial affairs to the AA Board, which consists of the President, Vice President and six other members elected from past and sitting National Councillors.

The District Councils select delegates to attend the AA’s conference every March, which also coincides with the Association’s annual general meeting.

National Council

The AA’s National Council is it’s governing body, comprising one representative from each of the 18 District Councils. View the list of current councillors.


The AA’s Board is appointed by the National Council and has delegated authority to oversee commercial activities. View the list of current board members.

Annual General Meeting

The AA’s Annual General Meeting is generally held in March each year on the eve of the Annual Conference.


Gary Stocker is the current President of the AA. As President, Gary chairs the AA Board and the AA National Council. View Gary's profile.

Vice President

Mark Winger is the current Vice President of the AA. As Vice President, Mark supports the AA's President. View Mark's profile.

Chief Executive

Nadine Tereora became the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Automobile Association in February 2022. View Nadine’s profile.

Senior Management Team

The team comprises the AA’s GMs, Chief Information Officer, Secretary, the Chief Executives of AA Insurance and AA Tourism & the MD of AA Smartfuel.

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is preceded by a meeting of the Association's National Council and the Annual General Meeting.

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