Vehicle safety for children

The back seat is the safest place in a vehicle for all children aged under 12.

Never place a rear facing seat in the front with an airbag, serious injury or death could occur in an accident.

Child restraints save lives

Three-point safety belts for all seats

Lap/sash safety belts in all forward facing seating positions, including the centre rear. Three-point belts are much safer than lap belts in frontal impacts. If you regularly use the centre-rear seat, this is a must.

ISOFix child restraint anchorages

Dedicated lower anchorage points for the installation of child restraints. These make it easier to install child restraints correctly.

Safety in driveways

One in 5 child pedestrian deaths or injuries occur in the family’s own driveway.

Children are 3 times more at risk of death or injury where the play area is not fenced off from the driveway. The risk is higher for children in homes where driveways are shared. Extreme care should be taken in driveways where children may be playing. Most of the children who are killed or injured are toddlers around 2 years of age. Small children cannot be seen behind a vehicle.

Keep children safe and secure, well away from driveways.

  • Fence off the driveway from the main play area — particularly if the driveway is shared.
  • Where possible, drive forwards out of the driveway.
  • Always check behind the vehicle before reversing.
  • Know where children are before you start the vehicle.

Child restraint safety systems

Safety standards are a set of officially approved specifications covering such topics as methods of testing, terminology, performance and construction requirements. A set, or sets of expected norms and acceptable outcomes. Standards can be enforced by regulation as well as legal or military recourse.

Improvements to safety standards come about through the development of new and better standards or codes of practice, of which change daily in some countries.

Engineers, designers and manufacturers have to make sure their products adhere to the relevant standards.

Look for a restraint that suits your child's weight and height and importantly fits your vehicle.

Installation of car seats

80% of car seats are incorrectly installed. You should have your car seats installed and checked by the professionals.

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