Inattention, Distraction and Fatigue (Completed)

The safe functioning of any vehicle depends on the driver's brain being fully engaged on the task of driving. This research programme is for projects that study factors which affect the level of attention a driver gives to their driving.

Expert Steering Group

  • Assoc Professor Jude Charlton - Monash University, Melbourne
  • Assoc Professor Robert Isler - Waikato University, Traffic and road safety research group
  • Cate Quinn - New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Cameron Bayley - Accident Compensation Corporation
  • Dr Jared Thomas - Opus Central Laboratories
  • Karen Dickson - AA Driver Training


Stage One

"Staying focused at the wheel" Research Symposium


Stage Two - Literature Review & Scoping Study

A literature review and scoping study was completed in November 2013, which examined an experimental design for running a Naturalistic Driving Study in New Zealand on driver attention issues. It focussed on novice drivers - ie. those beginning to drive solo on a restricted licence.

Scoping study and literature review 

While the scoping study demonstrated that such a study was possible, using current methods it was prohibitively expensive.

The AA Research Foundation therefore decided that it would monitor capture and processing technology. If a more economic option and/or potential funding partners become available, the Foundation will consider pursuing a NDS.


AA position on driving distractions and fatigue

Read about the AA's views on inattention, distraction and fatigue:

Staying focused and alert when driving

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