AA Waikato District Council

The AA’s Waikato District Council represents AA Members living from Tokoroa in the south to the Bombays in the north.

Working on behalf of AA Members

Safer Speeds Areas submission

The Council made a submission to Hamilton City Council on the latest proposed speed limit changes for the Safer Speeds Areas project. The submission included a survey of the views of Hamilton AA Members on the speed limit changes.

AA Waikato District Council submission on 2013 Safer Speeds Areas consultation

Waikato Expressway

The number one priority for the Waikato District is the completion of the Waikato Expressway, which when completed will provide a four-lane expressway extending south from the Auckland motorway to Cambridge.

The Expressway project will contribute to addressing the poor road safety record in the region, improve travel times and route efficiency for motorists, and address the problem of vehicles using secondary roads to bypass congested areas.

Safer roads and roadsides

The Council is committed to ensuring that every effort is made to improve the safety of the region's road network. This includes monitoring road and direction signage and ensuring that when road maintenance work is carried out it is done in a way that minimises the impact on road users and the finished project enhances safety.

District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • Pip Edwards (Chair & National Councillor)
  • Andrew Parsons (Vice Chair)
  • Andrew McKillop (AA Board Member)
  • Gary Masters
  • John Grummitt
  • Darrin Rhodes
  • Gavin Lysaght
  • Peter Boys
  • Trevor Follows
  • Bill McMasters

Contacts for AA Members

Regional Manager: Cathy McDonald, Hamilton AA Centre

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