Third Party Car Insurance

Third Party Insurance is not about protecting your car. It's about protecting yourself in case you accidently damage someone else's car or property.

You can also choose to extend your cover to Third Party, Fire & Theft to protect your own vehicle if it's stolen or damaged through fire or theft.

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Key benefits

aa insurance tick  Legal liability cover

If you are responsible for damage to someone else's vehicle or property we'll protect you against any claim they may make, up to $20 million.

aa insurance tick  Uninsured driver protection

If there's an accident and you weren't at fault but you can identify who was and they're uninsured, we'll pay up to $4,000 to repair your car.

aa insurance tick  Agreed Value

If you have a Third Party, Fire & Theft policy, together we work out what your vehicle is worth so you know exactly what we'll pay if it's written off in a fire or stolen - no haggling, no hassles.

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