Five unique ways to show your love

We are loving love here at AA Life Insurance. To celebrate, we thought it would be love-ly to curate a little list of unique ways to show your love – be that to a friend, family member or partner. So, join us as we forgo skywriting, rose gifting or over-the-top declarations of love and take a look at some of the more unique and memorable ways to express what is often so hard to say. We hope you love them as much as we do.


1. Get inked with meaning.

We all know that true love is for every day and having something permanent (like a tattoo) can aptly reflect this commitment. We recently learnt of a very beautiful and highly creative approach to (permanently) expressing your love. One husband had surprised his wife (whose name begins with the letter C) with a tattoo of a C on his wedding finger. However, it was the unique design of the C, that had us all watery-eyed. The wife had a special way of writing it in her signature, so he had secretly taken a copy of the design from her passport and asked the tattoo artist to replicate. Subtle, simple and overflowing with meaning.


2. Plant a tree

This is great for the environment and your love life also! Planting and caring for a tree that is for your loved one symbolises the care and attention you are committed to giving. It reflects how love is enduring, and how you can weather the seasons together. Perhaps something like a Star Jasmine to have an exquisite bloom of beauty and fragrance each spring. Interestingly, in 2008 one of the world’s oldest trees was discovered in Sweden by Leif Kullman, a Professor of Physical Geography at Umeå University. Believed to be around 9,550 years old, he named it ‘Old Tjikko’ after his dog, who he loved so much.

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3. Donate

Firstly, to clear up any confusion, we are not meaning to donate to charity (although that’s always a good idea) but showing love through donating blood or plasma. Did you know that just one donation can save up to three lives? So whether it's big or small, it can make a world of difference to someone. On a much larger scale, we all fell in love with the story of how Illinois couple, Heather and Chris met. In 2014, before Heather had even met Chris, she was diagnosed with stage four liver disease and was advised to immediately search for a living donor. It was only when Chris serendipitously overheard his colleague, Jack (Heather’s cousin) talking about it at work, that he thought he might be able to help. Chris completed the testing and it came back as a match and, despite having never met in person, Chris and Heather decided to go for it.  It was in the weeks that led up to the transplant procedure that they formed a very close bond, and as it turned out, their livers were not the only match. After a successful transplant, Heather and Chris were married the following year. 

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4. Giving the gift of life

When you really think about it, life insurance is an act of love itself – almost like wrapping our loved ones up in a giant security blanket. And who doesn’t love to feel secure? Life insurance offers a peace of mind knowing that it will help make the hardest time a little easier for those you love as it will provide them a freedom of choice.  If something happens to you, a pay-out could help them with things like mortgage repayments, living costs, or simply by leaving a legacy. Sure, it may not have the romance and glamour of an old Hollywood movie, but you’d have to agree that giving them that sort of security is a unique way to express your love.


5. Send a (real) little love note

In the digital haze of our lives, it’s easy to forget the warm-fuzzy feeling one gets from receiving a real little love note and shows us that love is for every day.  It may be a little note popped into the kids’ lunch box, or something slotted in your partner's latest John Grisham novel. The element of surprise is so heart-warming. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out these famous love letters penned.

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