SADD calls for a SAFER September to bring safe driving all year round

1 September 2023

SADD calls for a SAFER September to bring safe driving all year round

Student-led organisation Kaitiaki o Ara/SADD is kicking off its annual month-long road safety campaign, SAFER September, encouraging Kiwi youth to lead their peers and influence those around them to make better road safety decisions.

Student Advocates for Everyone’s Road safety or SAFER September is an annual, month-long opportunity for Kiwi youth to concentrate their efforts towards road safety on a national scale in an effort to bring about positive change all year round. Kaitiaki o Ara students contribute to their community by leading and inspiring others to change their behaviour on the road for the better.

Kaitiaki o Ara/SADD General Manager Donna Govorko says, “This month is an important one for all involved in our organisation. Witnessing young Kiwis committing to reducing these numbers and reversing the curve that we are becoming too familiar with is incredibly motivating.”

In 2022, 376 people died on New Zealand roads - more than 1 a day.  As September 2023 begins - that number is currently 225 - a rate of 28 fatalities a month.

Donna says, “This figure is not just a number, it represents real people who are no longer with us.

Our young people know they can play a part. Whether it be small or big, they are out there making a difference. SAFER September is a time where young people work together with each other and their communities to empower one another to bring about long-lasting change.”

One Kaitiaki o Ara/SADD National Leader says, “SAFER September encapsulates a shared commitment to a cause I'm deeply passionate about. As students, it’s a time where we reflect on the impact we can make and the lives we can influence. SAFER September is also a time for me to remember my role in promoting road safety and to actively work towards making a positive change.

“Although it is only for one month, the activities in the month can definitely promote a change in others. This is because they provide an easy and fun way for others to understand how to stay safe on our roads. It also provides them a taste of SADD and if they are interested, they may also join the movement.

“Our SADD group has planned a range of activities such as ‘focus or fail’ and we have invited a local Police Officer to talk about road safety. We are also in the process of making a digital poster that can go in the school newsletter for the month of September.”

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