Individual IRD number applications

Don't have a personal IRD Number? We can help. The AA has been appointed by Inland Revenue to accept both resident and non-resident/offshore individual IRD number applications. With a network of close to 100 driver licensing outlets throughout New Zealand there'll be an outlet in a town near you.

What to do

Take your completed form - for Resident Individuals (IR595) and for Non-resident individuals (IR742) - and your identification documents to your nearest AA Driver Licensing agent. We'll confirm your identity, send photocopies of your ID documents to Inland Revenue and they'll send your IRD Number to you within 8-10 working days. It's that easy.

This is a free service provided in conjunction with Inland Revenue. It applies to both Resident and non-resident/off-shore individual IRD Number applications only. It does not include non-individual customer (such as companies, trusts and partnerships) applications.

If you don't have suitable identification documents and for queries regarding individual IRD number applications processed at an AA Driver Licensing outlet call the IRD on 0800 227 774.

How to get an IR-595 form

Identification documents

You will need the original documents plus a photocopy of each. Check the IRD website for details on the ID required.

Full NZ Birth Certificate issued on or after 1 January 1998 Current Overseas Passport (or NZ if applicant has been out of NZ continuously for 12 mths or more)
NZ Citizenship Certificate Proof of current or most recent address:-
- Utility (eg water, phone) statement
- National identity card or overseas drivers licence (if not used as photo ID)
Current NZ or Australian Passport or
Current Overseas Passport (with NZ residency class visa granted by Immigration NZ)
Current Overseas Drivers Licence (& translation)
NZ Firearms or dealer’s licence  
NZ Certificate of Identity  
NZ Emergency or Refugee travel document  
Current NZ Drivers Licence Reason for applying for an IRD number
- If employment; copy of work visa or employment offer on letterhead
- If student; copy of acceptance from school
- property purchase or rental agreement,
See full list on pg 2 of application form
NZ 18+ Card or NZ student photo identification card Proof of NZ bank account received – OR confirming Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check has been completed.
can be reporting entity declaration on the form, or
letter from bank advising account is fully functional
Letter confirming registration as a student in NZ or
Offer of employment on employer letterhead and also stating commencement date – must be able to work in NZ
If this identification is used, the Cat A document must have a photo

International Drivers Permit(issued by a member country of the UN Convention on Road Traffic) or

Overseas Drivers Licence (accompanied by an English translation completed by an LTNZ/NZTA authorised translator, if not already in English)


IRD numbers for babies or children

If you want an IRD number for a baby or child under the age of 16, please bring:

  • One current original document from Category A or Category B for the child
  • A document which shows the relationship between you and the child, if not already shown on the Category A or Category B document
  • Full proof of your own identity as if you were applying for a number for yourself.

Forgotten IRD number

If you already have an IRD Number and need your number re-sent to you, you'll need to contact Inland Revenue.

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