Students Against Dangerous Driving

SADD (Students Against Dangerous Driving) is a peer-to-peer education programme, its origins date back to 1985; students were dissatisfied with something in their world, and so they set out to make a positive change. The AA helped to make SADD, a charitable trust, a national initiative soon after its launch in 1985 and has been a major supporter ever since. These days, AA Driving School and AA’s advocacy team work closely with SADD to achieve the common goals of educating drivers about road safety and preventing loss on our roads.

SADD's primary objective is to empower young Kiwi’s to prevent loss on the roads. Together.  It is SADD’s vision to effectively motivate our youth to adopt safer attitudes and behaviours to enhance their life outcomes and the AA are glad to be a part of this.

Fast forward to today and the SADD programme has been a major contributor in addressing the culture around drink driving, and in educating and empowering each new generation of young people to make safer and better choices on the road.

In May 2014, After almost 30 years of SADD operating as ‘Students Against Driving Drunk’ the charity announced it was time to expand their goal to tackle all major risk factors affecting young drivers today.  The key driver for this significant strategic change was to maximise the relevance and value of SADD’s programme for the future. The expanded programme is founded on six principles for safety on the roads: Sober drivers, safe speeds, no distractions, avoiding risks, driving to the conditions and building experience (which the AA Driving School sponsors).

SADD has programmes in over 75% of our secondary schools reaching more than 220,000 young people; the charities goal is to continue on expanding their reach to target all 15 -19 year olds in New Zealand. To find out more, click below. 

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