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9 April 2008

PetrolWatch - March 2008: Pump prices at record highs

"Those are record prices for petrol - previously it reached a high of $1.77 per litre in July and August 2006 following Hurricane Katrina, although diesel briefly hit $1.31 this January," says Mike Noon, AA Motoring Affairs General Manager.

26 March 2008

AA welcomes fuel economy labels

The fuel economy label was launched by the Government today, and must be displayed on all cars sold by motor vehicle traders and trading websites from 7 April 2008. In addition to a fuel economy star rating out of six, the labels provide an indication of how much is likely to be spent in fuel over a year.

20 March 2008

Four things to keep you safe on the road this Easter

AA spokesman Simon Lambourne says "most New Zealanders will make the most of the Easter long weekend and go for a drive - either on holiday or to see family and friends. While there are many things that motorists can do to keep themselves safe on the roads, remembering these four simple things will make driving much safer this Easter."

5 March 2008

PetrolWatch - February 2008. Prices remain high despite the strong New Zealand dollar

"The price rises followed increases in international refined petrol and diesel prices during February, which came on the back of crude oil prices again breaching the US$100 mark," said AA Motoring Affairs General Manager Mike Noon.

26 February 2008

Driving safety research expert returns to New Zealand

Raising the awareness of the high number of work-related fatalities, crashes and injuries in New Zealand, Dr Murray is encouraging organisations to focus more attention on managing the safety and sustainability of fleet vehicles and their drivers, with an overall view to reduce crash risk and increase safety and profitability.

7 February 2008

AA welcomes Government commitment to complete the Western Ring Route

"Today's announcement brings us one step closer to the 2015 reality of having a western ring route which Auckland motorists can use as an alternative to State Highway 1."

5 February 2008

PetrolWatch January 2008. Diesel reaches a record & LPG on the up.

"The high summer prices come on the back of crude oil prices breaching the US$100 a barrel barrier, but are mostly because of rising international refined fuel prices," said AA Motoring Affairs General Manager Mike Noon.

27 January 2008

New Zealand's latest road safety tool launched

KiwiRAP is an internationally recognised road assessment programme (RAP) that aims to raise awareness of the risk of being involved in a crash on New Zealand's state highways. KiwiRAP uses different methods to measure road safety, including risk maps based on the crash history of a road and five-star ratings based on a road's engineering features.

10 January 2008

AA PetrolWatch December 2007. High-priced driving this holiday season

Fuel prices over the summer holiday period have been the highest ever recorded for this time of year, according to the AA.

20 December 2007

AA's top 10 tips for safe driving this Christmas and New Year

Courtesy - be courteous and show consideration to other road users. Obey the rules of the road. Plan your travel to avoid traffic jams and keep calm.

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