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6 December 2007

PetrolWatch - November 2007. Near-record fuel prices

AA Motoring Affairs General Manager Mike Noon says "motorists continue to be subject to rising prices as a result of increases in the international fuel costs, with crude breaking through the US$90 per barrel barrier during the month. Fortunately prices rose only once during November, although for diesel consumers that meant an 8 cents jump in one go."

5 September 2007

PetrolWatch August 2007. Dollar's decline doesn't dramatically drive up fuel prices

Prices for 91 octane started the month at $1.54/litre in the main centres, with diesel retailing for $1.03. By mid-August, all fuels rose by 3 cents per litre, ending the month on $1.57 and $1.06 respectively.

3 August 2007

AA PetrolWatch July 2007. High New Zealand dollar keeping prices down

"The welcome fall in petrol prices is largely attributed to the rising New Zealand dollar which reached over 0.80 US cents in the last week of July, although international refined petrol prices also fell later in the month," said General Manager of AA Motoring Affairs, Mike Noon.

2 August 2007

AA's scorecard for Gull Force 10

Below are the AA's six conditions and Gull Petroleum's responses relating to Gull Force 10:

2 July 2007

PetrolWatch June 2007

"While the New Zealand exchange rate rose three cents against the United States dollar in June, unfortunately both crude and refined product prices also increased and partially offset the currency gains," says AA Motoring Policy Analyst Mark Stockdale.

17 May 2007

Budget's fuel tax commitment great news for motorists

"We also welcome the Budget's additional $145 million for roads. This money honours the Government's promise to offset rising costs and keep the Transit 10-Year State Highway Forecast road construction programme on track."

20 April 2007

Young cyclists urged to brighten up

"With the return of students to schools and universities, plus the onset of winter, cyclists should brighten up for morning, afternoon, evening, and bad weather riding. High-visibility riding gear and brighter lights are cheap and popular, and every cyclist should use them," says Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) spokesperson Stephen McKernon.

4 April 2007

Three ways to stay safe this Easter

Mike Noon, AA General Manager for Motoring Affairs says if you are driving over Easter then remember to:

4 April 2007

Transit decision fantastic news for Aucklanders

"Transit are to be congratulated for listening to the opinion of Aucklanders, who last year overwhelmingly rejected the tolling proposal," says AA spokesperson Simon Lambourne.

13 February 2007

AA offers conditional support for biofuels

The Government's sales obligation, starting in April 2008, would require 3.4 per cent of all fuel sold by oil companies to be biofuel by 2012. The obligation will likely be reached by the widespread sale of petrol and diesel blended with varying percentages of biofuels.

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