Transport funding in New Zealand's best interests

The AA has welcomed the increased transport funding announced in the first ever three-year National Land Transport Programme.

27 August 2009

Transport funding in New Zealand's best interests

"At $8.7 billion this is the largest ever funding announcement for land transport in New Zealand's history. Not only have there been significant increases for state highways and local roads, but also public transport, walking and cycling," says AA spokesperson Mike Noon.

"The New Zealand Transport Agency is to be congratulated for making sensible, yet tough, decisions in the best interests of New Zealand. They have ensured that the highest priority projects will proceed, and that motorists and taxpayers will receive maximum benefit from the use of their petrol tax and road user charges. Projects have been prioritised and funded on their merits - namely their economic benefit, their cost efficiency, and their strategic importance."

"The AA is particularly pleased that SADD, Students Against Driving Drunk, has received $420,000 to enable it to continue its community education programme in 2010. SADD has been a strong advocate for road safety for 23 years and I want to thank the NZTA - without this funding SADD would not have been able to continue to support students to campaign against drunk driving in New Zealand schools."

For more information contact

Mike Noon
General Manager - Motoring Affairs
New Zealand Automobile Association
T. +64 9 931 9984
M. +64 21 659 704
E. [email protected]


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