Media releases about safety issues.

18 November 2011

AA wants minimum safety standards for all imports

No vehicle with less than a three-star safety rating should be allowed to be imported to New Zealand, says the Automobile Association.

16 November 2011

Fuel-efficient driving could reduce crashes as well as fuel bills

Driving fuel-efficiently could not only save you money but also reduce your chance of being involved in a crash, according to a new study.

18 October 2011

Keep your distance this holiday weekend

The AA is urging drivers to focus on their following distance this Labour weekend.

9 September 2011

Plan before you party, says AA

As we prepare to kick-off for six weeks of celebration around the country, the AA is reminding everyone to have a game plan in place for getting around safely.

2 September 2011

World-leading researchers coming to NZ

Eminent US road safety researcher Professor Tom Dingus will be one of the key-note speakers at the inaugural AA Research Foundation symposium in Wellington next week.

22 August 2011

More patience and awareness needed at railway crossings

The AA is encouraging drivers to show more patience and awareness at railway level crossings.

15 August 2011

Motorists urged to stay off the roads

Drivers appear to be heeding advice to stay off the roads as snow falls across the country, with the AA breakdown service reporting fewer than normal call outs in the South Island.

29 July 2011

Age change alone won’t save young drivers

More time behind the wheel rather than physical age is the most important thing for improving the safety of learner drivers, says the AA.

21 July 2011

New Zealand halfway to lowest road toll in six decades

The AA is hoping New Zealand’s annual road toll is on its way to falling below 300 for the first time in 59 years.

14 July 2011

How to give road crashes the cold shoulder

Be aware of the conditions you’re driving in.

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