Media releases about safety issues.

1 August 2010

ESR report finds drug driving a serious problem

The ESR report was completed for New Zealand Police and indicates that nearly half of drivers who die in road crashes have alcohol and/or drugs in their system.

26 July 2010

AA supports tougher penalties for dangerous and drink driving in New Zealand

The AA also supports the Government’s announcement that it will undertake research to ascertain the actual number of serious and fatal crashes caused by drivers with a blood alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.08.

15 June 2010

It’s time to watch out for Jack Frost on the roads

AA General Manager of Motoring Affairs Mike Noon says that people need to be particularly careful early in the day and on areas of road that see little sun, are shaded or are at higher altitudes.

4 June 2010

Police's focus must be on dangerous driving

AA General Manager Mike Noon says that with a 4kph tolerance, it will be very easy for the Police to ticket a large number of safe drivers if they choose to and very little benefit will come from that.

3 June 2010

Drive with care this Queen's Birthday Weekend

AA General Manager of Motoring Affairs Mike Noon also says that many parts of the country are forecast to get rain over the weekend, which will make driving more difficult.

27 April 2010

AA supports Law Commission recommendations to increase alcohol treatment services

AA spokesperson Simon Lambourne says the AA asked for this in its submission to the Alcohol in Our Lives consultation document and the Law Commission has produced a very thorough and thoughtful report.

19 April 2010

AA supports call to review driver licence system

NZ Police has highlighted statistics which show they recorded over 120,000 driver licence breaches last year. New Zealand Transport Agency statistics also show that nearly 200,000 people have been on their learner or restricted licence for more than five years.

15 April 2010

AA supports changes to improve young driver safety

AA General Manager Motoring Affairs Mike Noon says the AA has lobbied for these changes to the Graduated Driver Licence System for a number of years.

31 March 2010

How to avoid a road crash destroying your Happy Easter

Easter is one of our busiest driving weekends, says General Manager of Motoring Affairs Mike Noon.

31 March 2010

AA urges caution around permitting heavier trucks

The Government announced a new permit system today that will allow heavy vehicles to operate outside current mass and dimension limits on certain routes.

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