Media releases about safety issues.

20 December 2007

AA's top 10 tips for safe driving this Christmas and New Year

Courtesy - be courteous and show consideration to other road users. Obey the rules of the road. Plan your travel to avoid traffic jams and keep calm.

20 April 2007

Young cyclists urged to brighten up

"With the return of students to schools and universities, plus the onset of winter, cyclists should brighten up for morning, afternoon, evening, and bad weather riding. High-visibility riding gear and brighter lights are cheap and popular, and every cyclist should use them," says Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) spokesperson Stephen McKernon.

4 April 2007

Three ways to stay safe this Easter

Mike Noon, AA General Manager for Motoring Affairs says if you are driving over Easter then remember to:

12 October 2006

Young drivers talk their way to safety

The senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Waikato conducting the ground-breaking study is left with reams of data to unravel, and hours of film to watch.

21 September 2006

AA's top ten tips for staying safe on the roads this summer

The AA has prepared the following driving tips to help keep New Zealanders safe this holiday period

2 June 2006

AA supports slow down near schools campaign

The AA supports the Police’s new road safety education campaign reminding drivers to slow down near schools. The campaign commences tomorrow to coincide with the start of the school year.

14 February 2006

AA urges motorists to purchase cars with three-point seat belts

The AA encourages motorists to purchase cars with three-point seat belts if they intend on regularly carrying passengers.Jack Biddle, AA Technical Advice Manager, says “in the event of an accident, a three-point belt in the centre of the rear seat provides far greater protection for passengers than a lap belt.

7 January 2006

New laws will have a positive effect on road safety

Twelve new transport laws came into effect yesterday.

27 September 2005

Joint release from Land Transport NZ and the New Zealand Automobile Association

Crash test results of non-luxury 4WDs have found that the Subaru Forester is the only vehicle to score a top 5 star result with its side and head airbags offered as standard features.

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