Media releases about safety issues.

21 December 2020

First-time campervan driver? AA shares its top tips for a safe roadie

As Kiwis get set to hit the road in greater numbers than ever before for domestic holidays, the AA Driving School team is appealing to a whole new class of first-time drivers to watch their speed and take their time these holidays.

16 December 2020

AA Motoring’s top tips for getting your car road trip ready

With Christmas just around the corner, AA Motoring is sharing its top tips and tricks for ensuring your vehicle gets you to your summer holiday destination safely. Tyres

15 December 2020

‘Cracking a window won’t help’: AA reminds motorists to never leave children or pets in vehicles

The AA is warning motorists that with a hot summer predicted to hit New Zealand, it's more important than ever to keep children and pets out of parked cars. AA General Manager Roadside Solutions Bashir Khan says there’s a common misconception that cracking windows will cool down a vehicle enough for it to be ok for a child or pet to stay put. That parking in the shade will do the trick is another myth, Bashir says. “On a 30°C day, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach 39°C in less than 5 minutes; in 30 minutes, it will be 49°C. This occurs even if the vehicle is parked in the shade with the windows down. “Our message is simple: never leave your children or pets in your vehicle, even if you’re just nipping into a shop. “If the purpose of your trip isn’t to take your dog somewhere, such as to the park for a walk, just leave them at home.” Even with Kiwis driving less this year due to lockdowns, AA Roadservice has been to more than 470 emergency callouts for children locked in vehicles and more than 450 for pets.

22 May 2020

Council needs to make fast u-turn on George St - AA

The AA is urging Dunedin City Council to listen to its people and reverse the ill-conceived changes it has made on George Street.

19 May 2020

Let last piece of Waikato Expressway out of lockdown - AA

After years without progress, now is the time to finally deliver the Cambridge to Piarere section of the Waikato Expressway, says the AA.

5 May 2020

Now is the time for highway upgrade to take off at Ohakea

The economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis provides a perfect opportunity to make essential upgrades to SH1 at the Ohakea air base, says the AA.

5 May 2020

Long-neglected road repairs must be part of virus response - AA

The AA is urging the Government to finally repair SH4 (“the Paraparas”) as part of the Covid-19 economic recovery package.

30 April 2020

Government must seize the day on Wellington highway upgrades

After years without progress, now is the time for critical highway improvements in the Wellington region to finally happen, says the AA.

28 April 2020

AA asks Members to only call if urgent as it forecasts record-breaking day

The AA is asking its Members to only request Roadservice assistance if urgent as it works through a backlog of calls, on what is shaping up to be the busiest day on record.

24 April 2020

Government must seize the day on Woodend Bypass

After decades without progress, now is the time for the Woodend Bypass to finally happen, says the AA.

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