AA asks Members to only call if urgent as it forecasts record-breaking day

28 April 2020

AA asks Members to only call if urgent as it forecasts record-breaking day

The AA is asking its Members to only request Roadservice assistance if urgent as it works through a backlog of calls, on what is shaping up to be the busiest day on record. 

On a normal day, AA Roadservice attends 1200 callouts for breakdown assistance in 24 hours. By 4pm today, it had already attended more than 1500 callouts. About 80% of callouts have been battery-related. 

“By midnight tonight, we’re expecting to have attended between 1700 and 1800 jobs; that would make it a record-breaking day,” AA General Manager of Roadside Solutions Bashir Khan says.

“We were expecting the start of Alert Level 3 to be busy as more Kiwis return to work, but we’ve had unparalleled demand from early this morning.”

AA Roadservice’s call system was overwhelmed this morning and the team is working through a backlog of requests via the AA Roadservice app.

“We want to thank Members who have already requested assistance for their patience as we take longer than normal to respond to their requests,” Bashir says.

“We ask Members who are thinking of calling us for assistance for a non-urgent issue to please delay requesting assistance.

“We’ve pulled in all extra resources we possibly can on the road and to support our Contact Centre, and are doing everything we can to assist Members around the country.”

AA Battery Service’s top tips for avoiding battery failure include:
  • Start your engine for 30 minutes at least once a week, to ensure the battery is topped up and the engine oil and coolant are circulated. Reverse your car into your driveway or leave the garage door open and put in park. This can also be done on the street. Don’t switch on electrical devices which will make the engine work harder (e.g. radio, phone charger, lights) while doing this.
  • If you have a maintenance charger AKA trickle or float, use this to charge your battery. This is best done in your garage, away from weather elements.

For more information keeping your car in tip-top condition when you’re not using it, go here.


Media Inquiries:
For more information about AA Roadservice contact

Bashir Khan
General Manager – Roadside Solutions
New Zealand Automobile Association
M. +64 21 778 425
E. [email protected]


Catherine Gaffaney
Communications Advisor
New Zealand Automobile Association
M. +64 27 616 5737
E. [email protected]

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