Keeping your speed down will make the time in your Speedos even sweeter

18 December 2023

Keeping your speed down will make the time in your Speedos even sweeter

Those looking to relax at their favourite holiday spots first need to take it easy on the road, and keep a lid on their driving and speed.

The days of a 10km/h buffer are gone but some drivers still think it’s in use. Road users not wanting to spoil their holiday by getting pulled over or issued a ticket should be sure to stick to the limit, says AA road safety spokesperson Dylan Thomsen.

“The speed limits are about keeping you and others on the road safe. Staying within the limit is the best way to start your holiday - by getting you to your destination safely and stress-free.

“Summer is the busiest time on our roads, which makes it a riskier time for crashes. We expect the Police to be out in force on the roads from this point on - meaning if you are breaking the rules you are more likely to be caught.”

The other thing that drivers are going to see a lot of on the roads this summer is road works – lots of it. With crews undertaking 2500 lane kilometres of state highway improvement and repair works this summer, people should be prepared to spend some extra time on the road.

“Motorists will need to show some patience this summer. Be prepared to stop, take instructions from traffic management crews, and follow the reduced speed limits at work sites.”

It’s also important to get the basics right to ensure you, your passengers and other road users are safe, Dylan says. That means driving to the conditions, keeping safe following distances, and sharing the road. Regular stops to rest and avoid fatigue are also a good idea.

The holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends, but that shouldn’t trump your responsibilities behind the wheel.

“Make sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt, don’t drive or ride while impaired by alcohol or drugs, and don’t be tempted to check your texts while behind the wheel.”

Taking your time and enjoying the journey will set the tone for more good times when you reach you destination, Dylan says.   


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