Reducing congestion

'Outside of congestion charging, what  would be the best way to reduce the gridlock on Auckland’s roads?'

The AA asked the leading candidates to become Auckland's next mayor their views:

Wayne Brown hs  Wayne Brown

Congestion will be helped by moves to shift truck freight to rail wherever possible and add IT to signal systems. We need to get better value for money from the existing spend and from current projects.

Craig Lord  Craig Lord

1. Stop creating congestion on purpose. The installation of speed humps, reducing speeds, placing lane reduction islands, removing free left turns among many different processes – are all part of the overall social engineering plan to make driving difficult and force people to give it up. So we need to reverse a lot of the changes that have been made.

2. Get effective PT systems. This is not a quick fix, as many overseas cities that are used as examples have had 1000’s of years of design and change. We are young, our topography is difficult and we have very little space to play with.

3. Stop creating non-sensical, unsafe, overpriced, poorly-planned cycleways.

4. Get smarter about the T lanes, and motorway ramp lights. Feedback shows they are not working as intended.

Efeso Collins hs  Efeso Collins

By introducing fares free public transport to incentivise people to switch from private motor vehicles to public transport, as well as making significant improvement to our public transport network, we will reduce the numbers of private cars on the road, meaning those who have to drive will face less traffic right across the working day. 

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