Safer drivers

The way people drive and the choices they make every day are crucial to reducing the amount of people hurt and killed on our roads.

There is more to being a safe driver than simply being sober and not speeding.

We work to help all drivers be better informed about what they can do to keep themselves and other road users safe.

Young drivers

Learning to drive is an important life skill for young people yet they’re more at risk on our roads. The AA is working to help keep young drivers safe.

Staying focussed and alert

Distractions and loss of concentration while driving are major risks. The AA wants drivers to be more aware of these risks and learn how to reduce them.

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol or drugs are involved in about 1 in 3 fatal crashes as well as numerous serious injury crashes. Find out what the AA wants done to reduce this.

Sharing the road

The AA wants to see all road users - drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, truck drivers and pedestrians – treat each other with respect to keep everyone safer.

Road safety education

The AA believes helping motorists to become safer drivers is absolutely essential for improving the safety of the nation’s roads and reducing the road toll.

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