Sharing the road

Whether you are a driver, a motorcyclist, a cyclist or a pedestrian, everyone deserves to be safe on the roads.

Treating each other with respect, care and consideration will help keep everyone safer.

Courtesy & respect

The AA believes showing courtesy and respect for fellow road users makes driving not only a lot more enjoyable but also a lot safer and reduce the road toll.


Motorists & cyclists both have the right to safe & enjoyable travel on our roads & need to be more aware of each other & act with mutual care and respect.

Motorcyclists and mobility

The AA believes motorists & motorcyclists need to develop mutual courtesy & care, especially as motorcyclists are more vulnerable to being hurt on the road.

Pedestrians & motorists

Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable in a crash involving a car. The AA believes it's crucial that motorists respect the safety and rights of pedestrians.

Trucks & motorists

The AA supports the rights that trucks have as road users, and acknowledges the importance of their role, but says they must pay a fair share for using roads.

Skateboards, rollerblades, push scooters and mobility devices

There's sometimes confusion around the road rules for skateboards, rollerblades, push scooters and mobility devices.

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