Skateboards, rollerblades, push scooters and mobility devices

There's sometimes confusion around the road rules for skateboards, rollerblades, push scooters and mobility devices.

These devices are classed as ‘vehicles’ but some different rules apply compared with motor vehicles or bicycles.

Because wheeled recreational and mobility devices are considered a safety risk when used on roads, they are instead permitted on footpaths as long as they’re operated in a courteous and considerate way.

You shouldn’t ride these devices at a speed that puts others at risk and there are some areas where local council bylaws forbid their use - for example in areas of high pedestrian use such as shopping streets and malls.

Did you know?

Councils are increasingly creating shared pathways for multiple modes of transport including walking, cycling and a range of wheeled recreational and mobility devices.

Regardless of your mode of transport, on shared pathways you should:

  • Always give way to the slower user.
  • Keep left and pass on the right.
  • Don’t obstruct others.

If you have to ride on the road because it’s not possible to use the footpath, you should keep as close to the edge as possible.

Riders must obey all normal road rules. Because these devices are still legally regarded as vehicles, careless use can result in demerit points or fines. 

More information

More information about using skateboards, rollerblades, scooters and mobility devices can be found on the New Zealand Transport Agency website.

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