Staying focussed and alert

Being distracted, losing concentration and falling asleep at the wheel are major but often unappreciated risks for drivers.

In 2010,  inattention or driving tired/falling asleep were each a factor in 14% of fatal crashes while inattention was a factor in 23% of crashes causing injuries.

The AA wants to see more done to educate drivers about these risks and how they can minimise them.

Distracted driving

The AA believes distracted driving is one of New Zealand's biggest road safety issues and drivers need to be made more aware of how to reduce the risks.

Drowsy driving

Falling asleep at the wheel is a much larger cause of crashes than many people realise and a drowsy driver can be as dangerous as a drunk driver.

Mobile phones & driving

Talking, texting or using a mobile to access the internet while driving considerably increases a person's risk of crashing. The AA supports the ban on this.

Keeping Safe from Vehicle Generated Carbon Monoxide

Motor vehicle exhaust fumes are a common source of carbon monoxide. It is therefore important that, as motorists, we are aware of how we can reduce the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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