Young drivers

Learning to drive is an important life skill for young people.

However, it's a sad fact that all over the world young drivers have a high crash rate when they first start driving on their own.

New Zealand has a poor record of young people being hurt and killed and the AA is working in numerous ways to improve the skills and safety of young drivers.

Young drivers

The AA wants to help young people learn to become safer drivers. Find out about the key changes the AA wants made to the driver licensing system to do this.

Frontal Lobe Project

The Frontal Lobe Project is a world first study on young driver behaviour conducted by the University of Waikato and the AA Driver Education Foundation.

Safer Young Drivers

The AA Driver Education Foundation and the NZTA have produced this best practice guide for young driver road safety education. Download your copy.

How parents can help young drivers

Advice from the AA to help parents make sure their children are as safe as possible on the road when they start learning to drive. The AA is here to help.

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