Safer Young Drivers: A Guide to Best Practice Education

The AA Driver Education Foundation and the New Zealand Transport Agency have released the publication 'Safer Young Drivers: A Guide to Best Practice Education'. The guide's two key aims are to raise the overall standard of road safety education offered to young drivers, and help increase the likelihood that young drivers who participate in road safety education become safer drivers.

Designed to assist training providers and parents

Traffic crashes are one of the largest killers of 15-24 year-olds in the developed world. In New Zealand this age group makes up around 16 percent of all licence holders, yet between 2004 and 2006 accounted for 38 percent of fatal crashes.

The guide is the first of its type available to New Zealand road safety educators. It draws on extensive international research and experience to ensure that government and community resources invested into young driver education are targeted to where they deliver the greatest road safety benefits.

The guide will assist training providers, including commercial businesses, schools and community groups, to develop or modify their existing training programmes to ensure they are most effective in helping young drivers to become safer on the roads.

Parents may wish to read the guide to understand the sort of driver training course their teenager needs. The information will help parents to coach their teenagers in safe driving, particularly if teaming up with a professional instructor.

The guide is the result of the collective efforts of many road safety groups, including transport sector government agencies, commercial providers of driver education and the AA.

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