Safer roads

Some roads are safer than others.

A multi-lane motorway with a median barrier and wide run-off areas is much safer than a single-lane undivided road with power poles and ditches beside it, yet they may both be state highways.

We want to see New Zealand roads made safer by ensuring they are designed for their purpose and traffic volumes, they are more forgiving of mistakes, there are less hazards on the roadside and they allow drivers to more intuitively travel at a safe speed.


KiwiRAP is a partnership between AA and other transport agencies to raise the awareness of the risk of being involved in a crash on NZ’s state highways.

Dangerous & safer roads

The AA has helped develop road assessment tools and seeks to make motorists more aware of the risks on different roads and raise awareness of hazards.

Passing lanes

The AA supports plans to increase the number of passing lanes on New Zealand roads and provide more opportunities for safe overtaking.

Railway level crossings

There is an unacceptable level of death and injury resulting from crashes at railway crossings. The AA supports more investment in safety in this area.

Road marking

The AA wants more visible & consistent road markings throughout NZ, and better use of them to get motorists to adjust their driving to suit the road they're on.

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