AA Canterbury/West Coast District Council

The AA’s Canterbury/West Coast District Council represents 120,000 AA Members living in Canterbury and the West Coast.

The council works on projects that improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of motoring for AA Members and other motorists within the region.

Working on behalf of AA Members

Rebuilding of Christchurch roads and transport network

The AA District Council is working to ensure motorists' interests are protected and recognised with the redevelopment of Christchurch's central city.

The NZAA’s Canterbury/West Coast District Council lodged a submission with the Christchurch City Council on the draft Central City Plan in 2011 and made a subsequent submission in 2012 on the Draft Christchurch Transport Plan.

Submission on the Draft Christchurch Transport Plan

In summary, the AA’s position is: ‘We need to ensure a vital city where people can move freely and safely by whatever mode of transfer they wish to use, including the motor car’.

The submissions stress that future plans for the city centre must be based soundly in fact, with valid assumptions and forecasts. The AA supports generally the visions of the draft plan, including the objective of seeking that the 'Central city will be easier to get to and to get around’ for all modes of travel.

The AA also undertook a survey of 4767 Christchurch members to provide some insight into these issues.

NZ Automobile Assocation Submission for Central City Plan

The council has sought to have a representative on the Community Forum for rebuilding Christchurch's transport network.

Request for representation on the Community Forum

The council has also made a submission to the Christchuch City Council to contribute to the redesign plans for the city.

Share An Idea Submission to Christchurch City Council

Humphreys Drive/Ferry Road Intersection/Bridge Project

Following the installation of the Humphreys Drive/Ferry Road Intersection, the AA District Council is monitoring all safety factors within this newly designed intersection. The Council particularly has concerns with the cyclist facilities.

Older drivers

The AA District Council is working towards the introduction of comprehensive information and practical resources for older drivers.

Ashburton second bridge

A submission has been made to Ashburton District Council in support of a second Ashburton River bridge.

District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • Roy Hughes (Chair, National Councillor)
  • Warren Masters (Vice Chair)
  • John Skevington
  • Brian Palliser
  • Monique Bond
  • Graeme Dodd
  • Alan Turner
  • Allan Scott
  • Jinsong Chen

Contacts for AA Members

Regional Manager: Sean O’Connell, AA Sydenham Centre, Christchurch

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