AA Hawke's Bay District Council

The AA’s Hawke’s Bay District Council represents AA Members living in the Hawke’s Bay region.

District Councillors

  • Paul Michaelsen – Chairman and National Councillor 
    Paul has been an AA Member for over 25 years and on the AA Council for 5. He has a background in motorsport and believes the AA can contribute valuably to road safety through its research, education, and focus on looking after motorists’ interests.
  • David Murray
    David has been an AA Member since 1970 and also worked as a staff member from 1990-2002. His father was on North Otago AA District Council. He has been on the Hawke’s Bay AA Council since 2007 and was Chairman from 2015-18.
  • Roger Bull
    Roger joined the Council in 1998. He has been an AA Member for over 20 years and was elected AA President in 2017. He has also been on the AA Board since 2008. He has long a strong interest in all roading/motoring issues in the Hawke’s Bay District. 
  • Colin Goble
    Colin has been on the Council for 5 years. He has worked in road design, safety, transportation planning, traffic management, cycling infrastructure, and road maintenance in Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne. He has had a relationship with the AA through his civil engineering career and served on several road safety committees over the past 30 years.
  • Paul Bevin
    Paul has a long association with the AA, having been an AA Member since 1972, on the Council since 1989, and AA District Council Chairman from 2009-2012. He has a strong interest in all things AA, and from his experience living on a farm 50km west of Hastings he brings a rural perspective to the Council.
  • Lawrence Willis
    Lawrence has been on the Council since 1998 and has also served on the AA National Council. His has a strong interest in motoring policy which has developed during his time on the Council.
  • Peter Moore
    Peter has been on the Council for 6 years. He has worked for the Ministry of Transport and Police for 31 years in roles covering many facets of the transport sector.  
  • Craig Daly
    Craig has been on the Council for 3 years and has been an AA Member since 1966. He has worked for Opus and its predecessors in Napier for 50 years on projects including road design, traffic engineering, road safety engineering, and transport throughout Hawke’s Bay. This has included the Napier-Hastings Expressway, re-alignments on the Napier-Taupo Road (SH5), and on the Waikato Expressway.
  • Chris Wallace

Contacts for AA Members

AA Hawkes Bay District Manager: Tracy Wrigley, Napier AA Centre

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