AA Manawatu District Council

The AA’s Manawatu District Council represents AA members living in the towns and surrounding areas of Palmerston North, the Kairanga Ward, Woodville, Dannevirke, Shannon, and Levin to the Otaki River.

Working on behalf of AA Members

Road safety

The Manawatu AA District Council supports better driver training, more research for a better understanding of the causes of accidents, and penalties that are effective (such as more use of alcohol interlocks and a greater use of impounding vehicles instead of fining drivers).

Manawatu Gorge Replacement Project (Te Ahu a Turanga: Manawatu Tararua Highway)

The Manawatu AA Council is working closely with neighbouring AA districts, NZTA and other key stakeholders  involved in the new Manawatu Gorge replacement route, which is on track to be opened by late 2024. 

Consents have been secured and construction began January 2021.

NZTA has taken on feedback from AA and other key stakeholders and has now agreed the new road will be 4 lanes for the whole length of the road.

The Chairman on behalf of the AA is still actively involved with NZTA on this project and provides feedback to all the surrounding districts.

The AA Council has also been involved in the working group discussing upgrades to the existing routes: the Saddle Road and Pahiatua Track.

Other projects that AA Councillors have advocated for or provided feedback on recently

  • Otaki to North of Levin (O2NL)
  • SH1 & SH3 – NZ Defence Force Access at Ohakea – and subsequent road layout changes
  • Regional Council Land Transport Plan
  • Giveway signage on bridges
  • School Bus passing speed limits
  • Palmerston North Integrated Transport Initiative
  • Alcohol interlocks and the uptake by the justice system
  • Capital Connection
  • Slow vehicle bays (courtesy bays)
  • Supporting drug driver testing being introduced
  • Discussions around the use of e-scooters
  • Red light cameras
  • Integrated transport solutions for the community
  • Cycle and pedestrian safety on the new Whirokino Bridge
  • SH54
  • Road layout changes and safety improvements on SH56

Visitors in the last 12 months

  • NZ Police
  • Manawatu District Council
  • AA President and CEO
  • Transport Manager – Horizon’s Regional Council
  • Manger of Systems Management - NZTA
  • AA Driving Instructor

District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • Garry Goodman (Chair & National Councillor)
  • Paul Rieger
  • Merv Bassett
  • Bruce Gordon
  • Warren Hawke
  • Bruno Petrenas
  • Maureen Reynolds
  • Chris Clarke
  • Phil O'Connor
  • Vanessa Millard
  • Accalia Signal (Cadet)

Message from our AA Cadet

The meetings with the Manawatu AA council have proved to be a good source of inside information regarding future/upcoming changes that will affect motorists, both locally and nationally. Attending these council meetings is beneficial in the sense that it gives adolescent motorists somewhat of a voice in the decision-making process regarding transport legislation.

Contacts for AA Members

District Manager: Nadine Nicholls, Palmerston North AA Centre

The Palmerston North AA Centre is located at 277 Broadway Avenue, Terrace End, Palmerston North.

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