AA Manawatu District Council

The AA’s Manawatu District Council represents AA Members living in the towns and surrounding areas of Palmerston North, Dannevirke, Tararua, the Kairanga Ward to Otaki.

Working on behalf of AA Members

Road safety

The AA District Council supports better driver training, more research for a better understanding of the causes of accidents, and penalties that are effective (such as greater use of impounding vehicles instead of fining drivers).

District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • Garry Goodman (Chair & National Councillor)
  • Paul Rieger
  • Merv Bassett
  • Sue Forde
  • Bruce Gordon
  • Warren Hawke
  • Bruno Petrenas
  • Maureen Reynolds
  • Chris Clarke
  • Phil O'Connor

Contacts for AA Members

District Manager: Nadine Nicholls, Palmerston North AA Centre

The Palmerston North AA Centre is located at 277 Broadway Avenue, Terrace End, Palmerston North.

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