AA South Canterbury District Council

The AA’s South Canterbury District Council represents AA Members living in the wider South Canterbury region.

Timaru Transport Issues

Timaru is currently experiencing transport issues on State Highway 1 which are a growing problem.

This is mainly due to an increasing number of truck movements which have become more evident since the Port of Tauranga bought into the Port of Timaru.

State Highway 1 has a long-term plan to be four-laned, which creates its own issues due to land availability and residential housing along this route. Currently there is a piecemeal approach with some sections going from 4 lanes to 2 lanes before 4 laning again. This impedes the traffic flow and can be dangerous, especially with drivers unfamiliar with the road.

State Highway 79 – Geraldine to Fairlie Highway

State Highway 79 between Fairlie and Geraldine is the main tourist route for buses, campers and cars, and the main truck route through to Queenstown. This stretch of road is narrow with narrow bridges, limited safe overtaking options and a high accident rate. The South Canterbury District Council has been bringing these issues to the attention of the Transport Agency and pleasingly improvements are being made on this route, including the widening of bridges and roads.

District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • Antoni Facey (Chair & National Councillor)
  • Daniel Pooke (Vice Chair)
  • Roger Carter (AA Board Member)
  • Graeme Nind
  • Allan Barr
  • Bruce Robertson
  • Shane Rogers
  • Ian Seyb
  • Gilly Cleland

Contacts for AA Members

District Manager: Kathryn Wells, Timaru AA Centre

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