AA Taranaki District Council

The AA’s Taranaki District Council represents AA Members living from Waverley in the south to Mokau in the north.

Working on behalf of AA Members

Sharing the road with cyclists

From late 2017 the District Council has been encouraging motorists to share the road carefully with cyclists through a roadside billboard project.  

Mt Messenger bypass

The Taranaki AA is very pleased that an announcement to proceed with a bypass of Mt Messenger was made in August 2017.

The AA’s preferred option was Option A during public consultation because it was a more direct route and reduced the journey by one kilometre more than the other options. With its tunnel and bridges it was also expected to address environmental concerns.

However, Option C will be a significant improvement to State Highway 3 and as such is welcomed by the AA. The Government is to be congratulated for making this very important decision.

Contributing to Taranaki's future plans

The Taranaki AA District Council is proactive in making submissions to improve roads in Taranaki, particularly improvements to SH3 north.

Awakino to Mt Messenger Project

The District Council is involved in consultation on the Awakino to Mt Messenger Project.

100 years of the AA in Taranaki

In late 2014 the AA marked its 100th anniversary in Taranaki. A booklet was produced celebrating the history of the AA in the region.

Download the 100 years of the AA in Taranaki booklet

We also released a limited number of AA Taranaki centenary car badges to further celebrate our 100th anniversary.

SH3 Vickers Road to City and Normanby Bridge

The Taranaki AA District Council fully supported and advocated for many years for improvements to these two sections of state highway and is pleased this work is now complete.

Sealing SH43 - the Forgotten World Highway

The Taranaki AA District Council continues to support the sealing of the remaining 12.5km of SH43 – The Forgotten World Highway – which is both a popular tourist route and an important alternative route in and out of Taranaki.

Highlights from latest meeting:

  • Council has relocated the Share With Care signs around Taranaki

  • The Taranaki AA Council wishes everyone a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • Graham O’Brien (Chairperson, National Councillor)
  • Anne Probert (Vice Chairperson)
  • John Sutton
  • Kieran Best
  • Roland Glass
  • Brian Phelan
  • Marion Webby
  • Denise Holmes
  • Ralph Broad
  • Wayne Benton


Contacts for AA Members

District Manager: Fiona Croot, New Plymouth AA Centre

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