AA Wellington District Council

The AA’s Wellington District Council represents AA Members living in the wider Wellington region.

Working on behalf of AA Members

Projects the AA’s Wellington District Council is currently involved in include:

SH1 Transmission Gully Motorway

The AA’s Wellington District Council actively lobbied for decades for the construction of this new 27km-long motorway. We look forward to finally celebrating its opening in 2020.

The new route will provide a quicker, safer more resilient road than the existing SH1 north of Pukerua Bay, which is vulnerable to floods, slips and earthquakes.

SH 58 Safety Improvements

 SH58 has been described by the NZTA as the Wellington region’s most dangerous road (https://www.nzta.govt.nz/media-releases/action-taken-to-save-lives-on-the-regions-highest-risk-road/).

The AA’s Wellington District Council has made multiple submissions over the last decade and beyond in response to various strategies and safety proposals put forward by the NZTA, repeatedly expressing our concerns about the standard of the highway and proposing improvements to increase its safety.

With the postponement of the Petone to Granada project, when Transmission Gully opens there will be significantly more traffic on this section of SH58. We are discussing with NZTA low cost options to increase capacity on this route by adding more passing lanes. With Transmission Gully opening in 2020 the construction of the safety improvements on SH58 is now urgent.

In September 2018, the AA District Council gave its support to a proposed package of safety measures for SH58. We were therefore deeply concerned and disappointed to read in May 2019 that key elements of the safety programme have been delayed: https://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/112845153/safety-upgrades-delayed-for-wellington-regions-most-dangerous-road

We currently have an Official Information Act request with the NZTA seeking information to understand the reasons for the delay and the risks that poses to road users.

SH1 Peka Peka to Otaki

We support the four-laning of SH1 northwards from Mackays Crossing and look forward to completion of this next stage to north of Otaki. We also support retaining the land for later building of the southbound 'on and off' ramps at Peka Peka.

We are, however, concerned that progress has slowed on the next stage from Otaki to north of Levin and, with the AA’s Manawatu District Council, will continue lobbying for this next stage to be built with a four lane road layout. The current proposal of a two lane road is not in our view a sound or long term solution to the high accident rate on the existing SH1.

District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • Geordie Cassin (Chair, National Councillor)
  • Alex Gray (Vice Chair)
  • Nick Hill
  • Alan Perry
  • James Burgess
  • Dave Watson
  • Jenny Seddon
  • John Anderson
  • Elaine Richardson

Contacts for AA Members

Regional Manager: Brian Roberts, Wellington AA Centre

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