AA Whanganui District Council

The AA’s Whanganui District Council is focused on issues affecting AA Members in the wider Whanganui region.

Working on behalf of AA Members

The AA District Council is involved in a wide range of motoring issues in the region.

One issue that we pay particular attention to is the Desert Road section of State Highway One and the number of low speed sharp corners that cause driving challenges, especially north of the summit. The Council engages with the NZ Transport Agency and Environment Waikato on this issue.

Ongoing issues the AA Council is concerned with:

  • The quality and timeliness of maintenance across the region, including the capacity of the industry to undertake routine maintenance and respond to the targets.
  • The impact of a significant reduction in funding for State Highway safety improvements announced in 2018 by the Government.
  • The degree that lower speed limits are being used as a surrogate for investment options.
  • Consistent application of the Speed Management Guide in the setting of speed limits under the new Land Transport Rule.
  • Maintenance of SH4, the Parapara Highway, which is essential for the region's resilience.
  • Traffic impacts associated with future northern residential growth in Feilding.
  • SH1 expressway south of Levin to Otaki state highway upgrade as a top regional project of national importance.
  • The WOF cycle of 3 years for new vehicles, which can allow for tyres to wear or headlights to fail, for example, between WOF inspections. 


District Councillors

The District Councillors are:

  • John Unsworth (Chairman & National Councillor)
  • Lyndsay Tait (AA Board Member)
  • Russell Cameron
  • Errol Christiansen
  • Roger Coles
  • Kester Olivecrona
  • Graham Robinson
  • Ian Loader
  • Trevor Scarrow
  • Tony Swain

Contacts for AA Members

AA District Manager: Anne-Marie Farmer, Whanganui AA Centre

This wider Whanganui region means:

  • Southern boundary - the Bulls side of the Rangitikei River
  • Northern boundary - the summit of the SH1 Desert Road and across to the Kuripapango River
  • Western boundary - the Whanuakura River north of Waverley
  • Eastern boundary - the western side of the Pohangina River east of Feilding

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