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Hi folks,

I'm thinking of upgrading my 16" steel wheels to alloys on a Mark X 2012 currently wrapped in 215/60R16s.

I'm trying to buy OEM alloys and have been presented with two options 16" or 17".
Say I use the exact same tyre brand/model, how harsh do you think the ride would get from 215/60R16 compared to 215/55R17?

I prefer low NVH vs. handling performance and don't want to sacrifice the comfort if the 17s would be much harsher.
I do prefer the look of the 17s though, (Lexus alloys compared with normal Toyota).
The side wall different will be 1 cm... that shouldn't affect it too much would it?

Could someone please present pros/cons with the various factors? Would this affect braking, ABS etc?
Your help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hi there,
There will always be a small amount of extra firmness when reducing the tyre profile and increasing rim diameter. Each car and suspension setup is different and so couldn't place a comment on exactly the difference you will notice, but 17" wheels are a pretty standard fitment for most cars these days and they don't ride too firmly. You shouldn't experience any changes in braking or create any issue for the safety systems.