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Recently I had a puncture and AA came out and fixed it. I took the tyre to have the puncture repaired and they refused because it was apparently over 10 years. Then the person said all my tyres were over 10 years.
He agreed that the tread was good and he couldn't see any cracking on the 4 AT tyres (on the vehicle) but my spare wasn't an AT tyre and it showed a little bit of evidence of cracking. So he said I should buy a new spare and suggested that although the other tyres looked okay, being over 10 years, I probably should replace them.
But I'm a little unsure - if they still have good tread and look okay otherwise, what is the risk in continuing with them?
Part of me wonders if he was just trying to sell me 5 tyres; hopefully not, but I would like to understand before spending quite a bit of money.
The vehicle is only used around town and mostly just 7kms to and from work 5 days a week and the supermarket every now and then. It never does long distances or off main roads.


Hi there,
There is no requirement for a WoF to check the age of a tyre- just the operating condition of it. It may be the tyre company policy to not want to repair a tyre past a certain age, but one I have not heard of before.