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I am in the process of buying a used car (2008) and the Dealer has offered a paint and fabric protection application at an extra cost of $695.

Do you know whether this is a worthwhile thing to do?

We do keep ours cars for a long time.


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 17 September 2010


This is an on-sell opportunity for the Dealer and the profit margins are very good from my experience.

These products do a good job however of helping protect the paint and fabric especially for those owners who do not see a regular good old fashion polish and fabric clean as a priority.

If a car has a good coat of polish or protection, water is able to run off a lot easier and panels can stay clean for longer periods. Bird droppings can also eventually etch their way into the paint and a solid coat of protection can help prevent or minimise damage.

Over the summer months exposure to extreme sunlight can also have a long-term negative effect on both the exterior and interior surfaces. Exterior surfaces such as the roof, bonnet and boot can suffer quite badly if exposed for long periods.

Fabric cleaner has benefits to help stop stains much like the “scotch guard” product used on house furniture.

If you have a regular clean and polish regime and don’t run the risk of fabric contamination (kids spilling food and drink) then the need for these products are not so important.

I wouldn’t say no but it does depend on individual needs. If your car is not garaged for example, then these products have much greater benefits.