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Interested in your comments on LPG. I have a Diamante with LPG & can get to Wellington on 65 L. Tank in the boot is a pest but new Donut tanks can fit in wheel well. Performance difference is insignificant. Why are you (AA) and Govt not encouraging conversion to LPG???


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 14 December, 2010


We don't discourage the conversion to LPG but we do tell motorists not to jump into the change without careful thought.

One of the biggest factors is cost and vehicle suitability. For those travelling in excess of the average kilometres per year (14,000km's) it may be worth consideration but for the average motorists it would be a long term investment and they would have to be prepared to keep their vehicles for some time to recover the initial installation costs.

The costs can climb higher also if the tank(s) need to be relocated in an effort to maximise space. My understanding is a conversion can cost upwards of $4,000.

Resale values do not increase either from my experience when a vehicle has had the conversion.

The other important point is a vehicle travels further on a litre of petrol than it does on a litre of LPG. The saving is on the cost of the fuel only.

I must say from my experience that those in the LPG industry are very passionate about their product and for the right application it is certainly worth consideration.
I'm sure they would be the first to tell you also that not every vehicle is suitable to convert from both a financial and technical point of view.