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Some time ago I bought a 2004 Honda Odyssey (import). The car is running fine but I have a number of issues with on screen stuff:

The stereo system only works intermittently - sometimes it will come on when I start the engine, sometimes not (mostly not). If the stereo comes on it will stay on until I turn the engine off but then usually won't come back on when I restart the engine. And any time the radio isn't working, the CD system doesn't work either. Also the clock display disappears when this happens.

The clock itself tells me the time in Japan (not as useful as you might think) and I don't seem to be able to change it. Is there any way of doing this.

When the clock is working, it won't advance - so I always know the time in Japan when I started my journey, but not the current time either in Japan or NZ.

It also has a satnav system (Japanese) which was working when I first bought the car but now isn't - I think this is because the screen itself isn't working and always stays blank (although once in a blue moon it will go white for a few seconds and then blank). I haven't seen the satnav system (or heard the nice Japanese lady giving directions) in months.

Once (and only once) it came on for a few seconds with a Japanese language instruction on the screen. By chance there was at that moment someone in the car who could read Japanese and she said it was something to do with reinstalling a disk - but the message only stayed on for a few seconds before the screen went blank again and I've never seen the same message since.

The reversing camera is not operating - again because the screen isn't working (presumably).

Finally all handbooks etc are in Japanese - are English language versions available?

My thanks to anyone who can make any suggestions about all this.


Thank you for the detailed explanation about the display, which basically tells me that it's highly likely to be a faulty display unit. It could possibly be a poor connection or wiring issue, but again, I think it's more likely to be the unit itself.
The problem is that even if you replace the unit with a good second hand one, it will still be in Japanese and unless you learn the language yourself, will still not understand what the nice Japanese lady is telling you or read the text on the display. However, it should fix the radio problem. I'd suggest getting an auto-electrician to check the system out, as if it is just a poor connection, may not be a major problem to fix.
As far as getting handbooks in English for Japanese imports, try JPNZ who can be reached on 09 825 0773.


We also have a 2004 Honda Oydyssey & we have all the same troubles as you. We have had it 5 years now & the radio may have worked for the first 6 months & now it just comes on occasions then stops again. Did you manage to find out what was wrong with your car? Any advice would be great! Thanks


Probably the problem caused by some issue with the navigation unit. Buy a second hand one or send the unit to a specialist like they for repair


How much do you think it would cost? And will it fix the problem completely?