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Hi guys, in the market for a larger vehicle - like having the power. Would consider a saloon, station wagon or 4WD. I'm considering the Toyota Mark X but keen for your advice. Budget is 7k - 10k so aware I might be getting higher kms. NZ new over the import? And what other models should I consider? E.g Madza6? Currently driving a VRX Diamante. Fuel economy is not really a consideration - I accept its a compromise. Look forward to your advice and ideas.


Hi there,
The Mazda Atenza (import)/ 6 (NZ) is a very good choice, or Holden Commodore, Toyota Camry. The Mark X seems a good vehicle but as it is an import, it's relatively hard to find specs on. Large cars are almost a dying breed, the shift has gone to SUV's.
NZ new I generally proffered as there is information available and you know what you are getting. Imports generally require audio systems or band expanders in order to reach NZ radio frequencies.