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We are thinking of buying a recent model Audi TT or similar Audi but have been told they are expensive to service and maintain, more so than the BMW we currently own.

Is this true?

We are also considering, for the first time ever, buying a used import.

Does the fact these vehicles have gone through a compliance inspection reduce the risk of future problems?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 21 October, 2010


You do not mention what model BMW you are making the comparison with, but from a general servicing perspective, there should be little difference between routine servicing of a BMW or an Audi.

However, up until about 2006 the Audi TT is essentially the same car as a Mk4 VW Golf, which is a model known to suffer problems with the automatic transmission and various electronics.

As a generalisation, a NZ new car with a known service history would be preferable to an import, particularly if the service history is unknown.

If you must have an import, cars from Japan are usually a better bet than imports from Singapore, where high temperature and humidity is not kind to electrical connections and wiring in general.

While each individual car needs to be taken on its own merits, an imported early 2000’s Audi TT (particularly with automatic transmission) does pose some risks.