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Hi guys

I really like the idea of buying a Toyota avensis for comfort and safety with a budget of 10k or under for a station wagon in which I commute around 80km per weekday for work round trip but I see lots of negative feedback on the Toyota avensis sourounding models with the D4 motor. Are both the 2.0L and 2.4L models D4 motors for models between 2003-2009? Obviously I would like to avoid the D4 did Toyota ever make an avensis without the D4 other than the nz new 1.8L. Are there any alternative options for a station wagon that would be reliable that you would recommend?


Hi there,
As most Avensis are imports from Japan, it's hard to know what engines are fitted, but usually the D4 engine number ends with FSI- so it would be best to look for the engine code to be sure. other options could be Toyota Mark x ZIO, Subaru Legacy or Outback, Honda Accord.