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I am looking at buying a 2014 toyota corolla and am having to consider an automatic due to the cost of the manuals and them being so rare to find. What is the difference between an auto and a triptronic? (am a devoted manual driver, so this is a whole new world!) Are the triptronics reliable or is it another thing to go wrong? Are they heavier on the fuel consumption? What is there reliability like?

Also, we were told with the toyota corolla that the autos are more economical than manuals - is this so please?

Lastly, how much does it cost roughly to install a reversing camera please?



Hi there,
Tiptronic is the name given to Automatic transmission vehicles that have extra control over shifting via the A/T lever, buttons on steering wheel or paddles behind the steering wheel. You can shift the transmission gears up or down as required much like a manual but still allows normal automatic operation. Most vehicles have this feature now, fuel usage will depend on how you drive- al lot don't ever use the shifting control and leave the lever in Drive. Reliability is no different, and you'll be hard pressed to find a modern vehicle without some sort of tiptronic controls. Traditionally manual transmissions were more fuel efficient than automatics, but there are very few vehicle models available in manual and they are usually base model rental car spec or also special "indent" only order from the manufacturer.
You will need to speak to an Installer to find out the variety and costs to install the reverse camera system.