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I am a handy man and currently drive a Toyota van, I need to change to a ute, I am not so much interested in 4x4 vs 4x2 or towing ability etc. I am more after which has the ride comfort as I tend to drive Auckland -Whangarei /Auckland - Tauranga so am after a ute with driver comfort (is there such a thing?).
Price wise contenders are: Hilux sr5 / Triton / Colorado /Navara. Models 2016 - 2019, no money in budget for Amarok :(


Hi there,
The Hilux is known more for it's capability but not comfort, I was pretty happy with the Triton level of comfort, I'm not too familiar with the Navara or Colorado. It might warrant some roadtest and to look for small specific features that might help with the choice.