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Hi just wondering if the AA prepurchase relative compression test can be done on a 2016 Mitsubishi outlander with push button start? Also wondering what more this inspection may show on this vehicle that a warrent just done this month wouldnt pick up. Vehicle has genuine low kms (43k) so dont want to spend money unnecessarily on a check but more than happy to if it is worthwhile. I'm no mechanic.
Thanks Mike


Hi Mike,
Our inspections team haven't had any specific issues with vehicles featuring push button start. It's best to call them on 0800 500 333 option 1.
You can also see the example report online
A wof checks the items that affect vehicle safety, and a PPI checks this and the condition of the vehicle as a whole not just things that would pass a wof. For example battery test, oil leaks, dents, scratches, noises, visible damage etc.