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I'm looking for a small car with light steering - I have an issue with my arms that makes heavy steering painful. I'm interested in 2015 Fiat Panda that has the 'city button' that makes steering much lighter.

I've only ever driven Corollas before, and I'm concerned about the difficultly in servicing and repairing a Fiat. Can you give me a sense of what I might be getting myself into? Should I have it serviced at the Fiat dealer rather than my local garage, and could it end up being a huge money pit?

Many thanks for any advice you can offer.


Hi there,
We've never actually tested one of these cars nor received any feedback from anyone who has owned one. However, buying a used European vehicle can be a bit of a money pit as you say- as they age. Particularly as the cost of paying an expert to replace a unique component is not cheap and some cars are more susceptible than others. I have found a few Kiwi reviews here: