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I’m looking at buying a used car. The dealer has already taken it through the AA appraisal and the AA safety check. I have been given conflicting advice from the AA and want to know the difference between the safety check and the Pre purchase inspection. Is there anything to be gained from getting the PPI after already having the safety inspection?


Hi there,
The inspections an imported vehicle receives is purely to get it on the road in NZ (entry compliance) including a WoF and an Appraisal is a small dealer-only inspection of the vehicle before they put it up for sale.
A PPI is paid for by you and involves over 100 areas of visual condition check- as many things can pass a WoF but not be in a condition that you would like, or have an oil leak, previous repairs, ex damaged import, dying battery, failed head gasket check, A/C not cold etc.
This is what the PPI is designed to let you know.