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My partner made the mistake approximately 2 years ago, of selling a car to someone he worked with and trusting them to do the change of ownership paperwork.

We found out this week that my partner is still the registered owner and there are some outstanding fines to pay.

The car is now deregistered and noted we no longer own the car but how do I go about ensuring we no longer have any more fines to pay.

Do I report the car stolen?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 30 November 2009


You need to make contact with the Transport Registry Centre (TRC - 0800 699 000) and provide the details of the person to whom the car was sold two years ago, in particular the date the transaction took place.

There are two processes in selling a car. The new owner and the seller must complete the change of ownership forms and it is very unwise for the seller to rely on the new owner to complete and forward these details onto the TRC. It is best done by both parties together as part of the selling process.

At the end of the day if TRC do not accept your explanation your partner will have to pay the fines.